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The Amazon Basin is a community of people with an interest in fair and respectful game play.  The Basin arose around Diablo II.  It consists of a community of independent guilds, each focusing on one game.  This is the Amazon Basinís D2 site.

You are welcome to check out our Forums, our Guides, and other resources on our site.  Registration is not required.  You will need to register in order to post in the Forums, to send personal messages, and to play in Amazon Basin games.  But registering does not require any commitment from you other than your willingness to observe our general guidelines for all Basin community participation.

The Basin is entirely non-commercial.  We have no ads, we charge no fees, and we don't sell or give out our list of registered community members.  All of the people who keep the organization going do so as unpaid volunteers.

If you are new to the Basin, start exploring at our Welcome Mat page.  It links to all the areas of our site you will want to see, and describes what you will want to know to take advantage of the resources here.

If you already know the site but haven't been here recently, catch up on Basin News.


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