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A starter guide to Basin games

Basin fun for those who are young - a primer

Hi there! Wave If you are reading this you are probably one of our newer Basin members or wishing to become a member of the Basin. This is a guide to help you stay out of trouble and not make the mistake of thinking that we play the same as the public Bnet games. We don't.

Who are we? We're a group of friends who like to play this game in a safe place, where we don't have to worry about mean people, cheaters, hackers, dupers, and Player Killers (PK'ers). If you want to play in a friendly place without cheating too, we'd love you to be our friend!

Who aren't we? We're not the same as a lot of people who play Diablo. We don't steal items, we don't cheat, and we don't want thieves and cheaters playing with us. So if you have to cheat or steal to have fun then go somewhere else--because you won't be welcome here.

The Password. We have fun in our games, in no small part due to the wizardry of AllWeasel. He created a special, magical place where we get our passwords. This helps keep our games safe. Only by asking us to be able to view the password and sign up for WeaselTech can someone see it. If you have a friend that wants to play in Basin games then show them where you applied. They can apply for WeaselTech and be playing with you in a short time.

Sharing the password can get you in a lot of trouble. Password Sharing So remember, don't share the password, not even with family members; it's that serious.

If you have a family member that plays Diablo 2 on the same computer, make sure they use their own account, not yours. By all means encourage them to apply, we are after all a family kind of place. Many members have brothers, sisters and even parents who are also signed up.

Play nice and show some class is our main motto. We like to have fun in our games, and welcome anyone who wants to do the same. Jester Just need to go over a few things to make this an enjoyable time for everyone.


1. Share your drops! If you pick something up then take it to town and drop it by the stash. Do this when your pack is getting full. Not everything that drops needs to be picked up. But those blues, rares, uniques and set items should be. Let everyone know you are going to do a 'town dump' first. Everyone does this with the stuff they pick up. After everyone drops stuff in town then it is looked through and shared. Remember that not everyone has good items!

Please be considerate of others. If you already have armor or other gear there may be another player in your group who doesn't have anything yet. In those cases let them have first chance of items that have dropped. After everyone has looked over the items and you have gotten an ok or gfi (means "go for it") from everyone that it was ok for you to place it in you stash, go ahead and remove that item(s) from the ground.


If, after everyone has gotten items they need and there is still something there that you would like for another character then go ahead and ask the others for it, again using the same ‘ok’ method before removing that item to your stash or muling it off to the other character. Don’t be greedy as others may also need gear and as the game progresses there will usually be more than enough gear for everyone plus maybe a few things for other character builds you are working on.

After everyone is finished with the items for personal use the rest can be sold (if everyone agrees) and the gold divided so each person gets a share. If we all share items then we will build our characters that much faster and have a lot more fun playing. Remember in Basin games we are here to play with others promoting team play but you can still play solo if that is what you also enjoy. Share items with others and everyone gains from a positive atmosphere and a fun, safe, place on B’net!

Item sharing

2. Don't sell drops! Items that drop are to be placed in town. If you need to sell an item to get money for repairs or your merc please ask if it's ok first. Someone may have wanted that 2 socket wand you are about to sell. Others may be crafters who collect gems, jewels or low level runes. Crafting Be considerate of other players.

3. Items your character has outgrown. Giving your old items to others, especially if you aren't going to use them, is really cool. If you have something that someone needs, and you aren't going to use it, why keep it? Remember, here at the Basin, we share. If you need that item later, ask about it. More than likely, someone will have one to share with you.


1. Entering a game. When entering a game, identify yourself by your forum name. This helps others get to know you and lets everyone know you want to play the game Basin-style. It's also a good manners as others might not know you by your account or character name. You do not have to tell anyone your first or last name. You don't have to tell anyone where you live. If you want to tell someone your name or where you live that is okay. But remember, you don't have to do that.


2. Join the party. If you are playing hardcore be sure you allow looting. That way if you happen to get killed someone else in the game can get your gear for you. That's right you heard me, basin members will return your gear. This is a place to play with others even if there are two or three groups working in different Acts.

3. Check where others are before you start playing. If you join a game be sure to check to see if anyone is questing in your Act. Questing ahead of others in the same Act is not cool. The other players could get the quest without being there and that spoils their fun. Always be considerate of other players in the game.

4. Party play. If you are in a party stay together. Do not race ahead. You might have really great gear and a strong character that can rush through the Acts but your teammates might need to go slower than you. Don't rush ahead and force your party to race after you. You may put them all in danger. Whether playing hardcore or softcore the idea is for no one to die. Don't kill your party members. Remember, play safe and play smart.

Please play the “r” game with us. We want to make sure everyone is ready and prepared to fight so especially in Hardcore we alert everyone in our group that we are ready by saying “R” before going into the next area or before going down the stairs, like in the countess's chamber, before popping the seals in the chaos sanctuary, going in to world stone 1, 2, 3 and Baal’s throne room. People might need to adjust or repair gear, revive merc, add in some skill/attribute points, cast enchant from a sorc to other party members, or give Battle Orders from a barb to everyone.



Sometimes we oops and go down the countess's stairs early- Don't sweat it.

Stair traps

Boss mod

Calling boss mods


Calling Boss mods while fighting:

Here is where younger players can really outshine the old folks. "NE1 knows yutes are teh besto at txt msgs"

If a player can “call” (type) the boss mods during a fight to alert the others in the party it can help to avoid a death.

A list of short forms we use while in a game (including boss mods) can be found here. Get familiar with these if possible, and keep those fingers limber. Those fighting in the front lines are not expected to call out the mods but those in the back (such as a Summoner or Firewall Sorc etc) should be trying to pick out the Boss, note his mods and relay them to the group. You can see in the picture above a hero has hovered their mouse over Bishibosh (the Boss), read his mods, and have relayed them to the other party members by typing “fe mr sh”.

Even if you have the ability to type 200 words per minute, we don’t expect anyone to type out “fire enchanted magic resistant spectral hit”. Short forms work just as well. Don’t worry if you can’t see and type out all the mods at one go. Typing "fe" or whatever first, and then "sh mr" or whatever after checking the mods again is fine. You might not know what the aura is (since the mod only says “aura” and does not specify holy freeze or fana or whatever). Do the best you can, with emphasis on fire enchanted (FE), mana burn (MB), spectral hit (SH) and Teleport (TE or TELE). A dying Boss with FE can kill someone standing too close. Mana Burn bosses (and all of their minions) can cause a hero to lose whatever skill they are using as their attack when their mana is suddenly sucked dry. Spectral hit bosses can deal out some nasty elemental damage, and Tele Bosses can suddenly appear beside an unwary hero.

It takes practice in order to be able to type Boss mods faster than others can read them. Not only do you have to know the short forms, but you have to be fast with a mouse, fast with your eyes, and fast with your fingers. If you do manage to become a marvelous mod murmurer, you will earn the undying gratitude of your teammates.


Is this tp hot?

Hot tp

If you set a tp to get out of trouble, or know it is surrounded by monsters, let others know so they can go in prepared, or take another one.

Bad Party split

Party split

Good party set up

Party together

Check on other players who are separated. Sometimes a player might be lagging, and falls behind. For safety's sake, it's always good to talk to them and make sure they are ok.

Often you will find yourself in channel, before/after a game or because bnet dumped you. Sometimes when you enter, people are away from their keyboards, or afk. Do not take it personally if people do not respond to you: they may be watching CSI, making dinner or engaged in some other activity.

Channel hello

5. Player-killing or PKing is unacceptable. Period. Don't do it and don't tolerate it. What we mean by Player-killing or PKing is that you don't go into a game, party up then go to town and go hostile on a player and then go back and kill them. Agreed upon dueling is acceptable though.

6. About our passwords, it’s already been mentioned we don’t want anyone sharing it by any means. This includes even people you know are in the Basin. It doesn’t matter what they tell you, you are responsible for protecting the password -- and protecting your friends, yourself and your reputation by doing so. Password sharing

None of us share the password verbally or otherwise, Basiner’s who are married don’t show each other the password. That’s because if we have a problem with a bad person in game, word of mouth password sharing makes it much harder for the volunteers who help keep the games safe to figure out what happened. So even if you and the person you tell don’t do any harm, you could be making a lot of extra work for someone by whispering the password to others.

Use the WeaselTech tool unless or until some Basin authority tells you otherwise. (Sometimes it goes down for technical reasons, but that’s pretty rare, and there will be an announcement of some kind.) We’ve encouraged people to think of using WeaselTech tool as “logging in” to our games.

And please remember, if you share a computer with anyone like a brother or sister, you should take the extra step of not checking the “remember me” box each time, so that you don’t accidentally log in as each other. Help them remember this important thing too so everyone does the correct thing and follows our simple WT ‘log in’.

7. Have fun! Yahoo

Credits: The foundation for this guide was laid by EvangelineBlue. Pirate The torch was passed to a new generation, led by Snowwolf. With the help of many people-Seawolfe, Russtovich, Icewind, KaytieKat, Medusa, CoonerTheRed, Melchior, WallofWonder, Heather, Cadsuane, ShadowHM, Rolento, bumpkin_hunter, Grimborn with his mad html skilz, and myself-spear of light (any spleling errors are my fault ), this has been brought to fruition.

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