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Guild Wars 2 Important Notice: ABGW GW2 In-Game Guild and th...

Aug 06 2015 10:37 AM | Texson in Guild Wars II

Where possible, our ABGW guild seeks to provide maximum service for its members. Our In-Game Guild has a hard cap of 500 players. We are currently at 470. With the Heart of Thorns expansion coming soon, we will likely hit the cap very quickly.

A count of the In-Game Guild shows that we have approximately 70 players who have not signed into game for over 18 months. (After 18 months the game stops counting and labels the players' duration as "Unknown"). Our plan is to remove these inactive players from the ABGW in-game roster beginning September 1. Our In-Game Guild will then have about 100 slots available for new arrivals and returning players.

Please note. Any player who has been dropped from the in-game roster for inactivity and wishes to resume active play can simply re-register by contacting anyone from the Leadership Team or Basin Game Council. If you have friends that haven't logged in for some time and you know are going to be coming back to GW2 for HoT, please let them know.

Texson and ceolstan, Co-Leaders
For the Leadership Team.

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The Amazon Basin Path of Exile 2.0: The Awakening

Jul 02 2015 10:50 PM | mark1030 in General

A new era of Path of Exile begins in a little over 1 week. This expansion contains so many upgrades and additional content, they have numbered it release 2.0. It includes new deterministic lockstep netcode that eliminates one of the biggest frustrations for players - desync. They have added new servers around the globe to give players better latency. I've been playing on the closed beta release and I can tell you it is awesome. I rarely experience lag and playing without desync is amazing.

The new content being added is extensive. It includes an entire new act with 8 boss encounters, new skills, new items, many new UI improvements, and new challenge leagues. One of the new item types is jewels, which can be inserted into sockets in your passive tree, give so many more options for build customization. There are many unique jewels that give bonuses not available anywhere else and rare jewels can have 4 affixes, which can give offensive or defensive boosts. Another new item type is the Divination Card. These cards can be found in specific areas and when you collect a full set, can be turned in for specific items or currencies. They will allow players to farm areas looking for particular items. The number required to complete a card set varies, so sets that give very desirable rewards will be harder to complete. But you won't have to rely on complete randomness since you will be farming in the area where the card you want drops.

The learning curve on this game is higher than many games, but that comes with giving so much control to players in how they want to customize their builds. Even veterans will have things to learn with all the new stuff in this release. So if you haven't played before or have been away for a while, come join us for 2.0. It looks to be a great release. And it's still free to play!

I've just given a teaser, but a lot more info is available here: https://www.pathofex...om/theawakening

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The Amazon Basin Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters

Aug 14 2014 05:40 PM | mark1030 in General

Path of Exile Forsaken Masters coming August 20th, 2014!

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The Amazon Basin Reunification Complete!

Jun 10 2014 05:56 AM | Istari in General

Welcome back to the all new and fully combined Amazon Basin!

The final merger at initial glance appears to have gone smoothly!
  • 1506621 Total Posts
  • 20161 Total Members
  • 2656.69MB stored in the DB
  • 302,888 Private Conversations resulting in 327,681 Messages

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The Amazon Basin A New Forum - Mobile Games!

Mar 09 2014 08:26 PM | WeeScot in General

For the fastest-growing segment of the games industry...

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The Amazon Basin New Ways To Access The Amazon Basin!

Dec 04 2013 10:46 PM | Istari in General

With the recent and upcoming forum mergers back under one roof, we wanted to streamline how you can access the various sections of our website, and more importantly, an easier way to distribute our community within your games and friends.

Direct Forum Links:

Please use these links when you tell others about The Amazon Basin; they will point to their home now, and will seamlessly transfer to their new homes once each of the forum mergers take place.

All guild news, for all our games, can now (or soon will be upon each mergers completion) be found centralized at our homepage:

From there, you can elect to view specific games and make comments that tie directly in with the individual forum topic.

Thank you!

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The Amazon Basin We're Back!

Dec 01 2013 10:03 AM | Istari in General

Welcome to the first of the all new forums!

Star Wars has been merged in successfully, and others are to follow over the coming months.

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Path of Exile 100 Member Milestone Reached!

Nov 18 2013 01:48 AM | mark1030 in Path of Exile

Our in game guild has just reached (and exceeded) the 100 member milestone! MercIceman and Sledgehmr are members 100 and 101, so cake and ice cream will be served by the guild stash commemorating the occasion. Reido and Akwonger have been assigned to clean up the mess, since they would have been the lucky winners if they had accepted their guild invites sooner.

This is a momentous occasion. It's cool seeing some of the names I remember from the early days of our community joining us. Our PoE guild has grown to over 100 without any advertising or recruiting, so the vast majority of the people here were already Basiners who returned to play with friends. Thanks to everyone who makes this place so special and keeps us coming back for more. I look forward to the day I announce our 200th member :)


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The Amazon Basin Erinye & WeeScot Take on Community Admin Roles

Nov 08 2013 04:40 PM | TPJ in General

With two openings to fill as Community Admin, I reached out to my top two candidates. Thankfully, they both accepted.

I'd like to introduce Erinye and WeeScot as The Amazon Basin's newest, freshest Community Admins. Both have been extremely active in this community for over 10 years. They've each held numerous roles helping run guilds and manage operations here on our Main Boards. They're both perfect for the job and I couldn't be happier to welcome them into their new positions - complete with keys to the executive washroom.

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The Amazon Basin The reunification of Basin forums

Oct 31 2013 03:25 PM | TPJ in General

There has been an ongoing discussion among the collective Basin Leaders, Admins, and Officers over the last 8 months about bringing our disparate guild forums back under one roof. Under this plan, each guild's forum installation will be merged onto the Main Boards as-is, complete with users, user groups, PMs, forum masks, and forum structures in place. Istari and I have been working (well, mostly Istari) behind the scenes testing the process and recently overcame a couple of hurdles that were causing trouble. As such, we're now scheduling the moves.

The goal here is to reunify our community - to bring everyone back together. The general consensus is that our community is larger than any one guild, and that by having each guild operate completely apart from everyone else, we're losing sight of what we're all about. We want members of this community to see the fun and excitement found in each game we play. We want people new to The Amazon Basin to be introduced to something they didn't know even existed - a place where everyone gets along and plays with honesty and integrity, regardless of the game they find themselves in.

Guilds will be done one at a time over the course of the next three or four months. Each merge will involve bringing down both the Main Boards as well as the guild forums being merged. The process takes about a weekend per guild, so each one will be spaced out quite a bit. The downtime, combined with Istari's schedule, means we'll be doing one a month or so.

The first guild that will be merged into Main will be Star Wars. That merge will take place the weekend of November 30th.

Prior to each merge, the guild admins for the scheduled guild are asked to double-check their Admin CP for unused or redundant user groups, forum masks, and forums themselves. If some forums can be merged within the guild's forums prior to the big merge with Main, that should also be done prior to the merge date.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, we will be pointing each guild's URL (www.theamazonbasin.com/sw/forums/, www.theamazonbasin.com/wow/forums/) to the guild's new home on the Main Boards following the move. That way, existing links and/or saved URLs will bring users to the same forums on Main.

I want to thank everyone involved in bringing this plan to fruition. We've gone through pages and pages of discussions since March to make sure everyone's concerns were taken care of and that we did things correctly. We're really looking forward to getting the band back together!


Q: Will I lose my post count?
A: No. Post counts from each forum installation (Main + merged guild forum) will be combined to create a new post count.

Q: What will my new 'join date' be?
A: Your join date will become the earlier of the two join dates.

Q: Will visitors that are only interested in a single guild be overwhelmed with all the new forums?
A: Maybe at first. However, each guild being merged onto Main will be able to be hidden by the user. Also, when viewing new topics, users also have the ability to choose which forums are returned with the result. Guild Wars users, for example, can select to view only the GW forums.

Q: Will any forums currently found on a guild's forum installation be removed during the merge?
A: Not removed, but some may be merged into a single forum on Main. For example, if any forum has a 'Forum Help' forum, there will not be a need to have multiple versions, so a single would suffice.

Q: Will my guild's Officer and/or Admin forums be merged with other guild's forums of the same name?
A: No. Those are guild-specific and will remain that way within your guild's section on Main.

Q: Are all guild forum installations being combined?
A: Yes, even our archived boards. Archived boards (HGL, DAOC) will have a home in an 'Archive' section on Main.

Q: What is your timetable for the whole process?
A: Nov 30 = SW, Dec 14 = WOW, Jan 18 = D3, Feb ? = GW, [no date yet] = D2. Archived boards will be handled later.

Q: What time will the downtime start during each merge?
A: The plan is to bring both boards down around 5 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT-8) on each of the Fridays.

Q: Will The Basin's TeamSpeak server be affected by the forum downtimes?
A: No. Our TeamSpeak server will stay up and operational throughout the mergers.

Q: What if we need to contact someone during the outages?
A: Your best bet would be to utilize any of the boards not being merged at that time or The Amazon Basin's Facebook page.

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