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The WeaselTech global logon will identify you [the person] by using the name and password you enter above. WeaselTech will search through all of the various Amazon Basin forum databases looking for accounts using the same name and password.

When WeaselTech (WT) finds one or more matching accounts, you will be effectively logged-on under all of those accounts. WT will use all of your various guild memberships to enable both the global and guild-specific features that are available to you on WT. For example, if you become an Amazon Basin guild Member (ABM) in any of our AB guilds, you will immediately gain access to all of the WT pages available to ABMs. You will also gain access to all of the guild-specific ABM pages where you are an ABM in that guild.

Note that the forum software is not smart enough to do a global logon. You'll have to log onto each one of them separately. Extending the WeaselTech global logon to all of the forums is a feature planned for a future release of WeaselTech.

If you have any problems, I suppose you could PM me or post in the D2 help forum (with actual information), but then I would have to fix it. Where's all the future drama and adventure if you do that? Seriously, please let me know if you spot any problems.