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  • Welcome to The Amazon Basin

    The Basin, as it's commonly used in shorthand, is a community of like-minded people who enjoy gaming in environments free from racism, hatred, cheaters, and griefers. We strive to foster lasting, meaningful relationships with those within The Basin by doing everything we can to ensure those who share our ideals are welcomed with open arms. Over the 23+ years we've been together, we feel our efforts have succeeded.

    Our community is made up of many different people from continents all over the globe. Some of our longest tenured members are grandparents, kids, and adults. Being inclusive in nature, we also have prominent members who are female, gay, and/or transgender. As long as you are here to enjoy the company of others, play without cheating, and treat others how you wish to be treated, you will find this is a safe space.

    Brief History

    The Amazon Basin began in 2000 as a guild for Diablo II. It grew quickly into other games, but always stayed true to the founding principals of "play nice and show some class." We've formed and closed guilds for many games, but through all of this, we've continued to build a reputation in the professional game development community as an honest, hard-working guild. We have built close ties to Blizzard, ArenaNet, Runic Studios, Grinding Gear Games, and others. Those relationships have led to private company visits, closed alpha and beta testing opportunities, published game guides, and portions of published games featuring references to The Basin and its members.

    Community Members and Basin Members

    The Basin community is essentially comprised of Community Members (CMs) and Amazon Basin Members (ABMs). Once you register on our site or forums, you are welcomed into the community as a CM. You can post topics in our forums and participate in our games. In some guilds, you can hold administrative roles as well. ABMs are people who've been here for a long time and have gone through a membership process. They've done this so they can help keep this place running, either as part of an in-game guild or a moderator on our forums. ABMs also have the task of making decisions that help shape the community at-large.

    So Now What?

    • Register to participate in our forums - By registering, you'll be granted access to not only read our forums, but post and rely as well. Our forums are the primary method our community uses to communicate.
    • Make sure you understand what is expected - Be sure to read our guidelines to get a clear understanding of the type of online community we are. Suffice to say, we keep it pretty clean around here.
    • Visit the forums for your favorite game - We have large sections for games like World of Warcraft, Diablo II, Diablo III, Guild Wars, Path of Exile, and Star Wars. We also have smaller sets of forums for quite a few miscellaneous games.
    • Read and add to our Wiki - The Basin's Wiki page contains detailed info on many games and includes the web's best information on Diablo 2.
    • Read more about The Amazon Basin - If you'd like to learn more about the community, feel free to visit our History of the Amazon Basin page. Most of our milestones over the last 23 years have been detailed there.
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