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Although I'm not a fan of asking for financial help (is anyone?), I feel that to keep The Amazon Basin site ad-free, asking for donations from our community is our only choice.

I completely understand there are those of you who are not in a financial situation which will allow you do help. I've been in situations like that more times than I'd care to admit. Don't burden yourselves further by feeling this is up to you. We've got quite a few 'professional' adults out there who can help. Those are the ones I feel I am asking - not those of you who are struggling to make ends meet on a monthly basis.

To make things easier and a bit more seamless to those who wish to contribute on a regular basis, 'subscriptions' are available. These subscriptions are handled through PayPal and come in different amounts and for different lengths of time. In each case, you will be automatically re-billed at the beginning of the subscription cycle.

$20 Per Year

$50 Per Year

$100 Per Year

$5 Per Month

$10 Per Month

$20 Per Month

If you have already signed up for one of the above listed subscriptions, you can cancel it by using the link below.

If you'd rather just make a single one-time donation, please use the link below. You can choose any amount you wish to donate. It will help us greatly. Thanks.

For those of you who cannot use PayPal, or would rather send a donation through the lovely U.S. Postal Service (just kidding - they never lost a letter of mine!), my address is:

James R. Broome
10214 Woodford Bridge St.
Tampa, FL 33626

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