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Achievements are long-term goals for players. From information provided by Community Manager Kaiser Hwang of Flagship Studios:

The player starts with a few new goals in an Achievement Log. These can be as simple as slaying a certain amount of specific demons to something as difficult as completing quests without the benefit of armor! Players uncover new goals as they start to meet the requirements of that achievement. For example, after 50 zombies have been slain, an “Achievement Unlocked” message displays on the screen. Checking the Achievement Log shows how many zombies must be eradicated to complete the achievement. Rewards for completing achievements can be anything from reputation to tags on the player to special particle effects to items to special skills to – well, anything is possible!

Achievements were first planned to be a subscriber-only feature, but this was rather quickly changed to be a common feature to everyone. You can view your characters Achievement Log by pressing "J".

Achievement Requirement Points
How Much Can You Take? Completely fill your inventory and stash 10
Imp Menace Kill 1,000 Imps 10
Orbile Menace Kill 1,000 Orbiles 10
Quester Complete 20 quests 10
Ravager Menace Kill 1,000 Ravagers 10
Stalker Menace Kill 1,000 Stalkers 10
Tab A and Slot B Mod 20 items 10
Zombie Slayer Kill 1,000 Zombies 10
Batsman Kill 1,000 monsters with a Cricket Bat 15
Bugmaster Kill 1,000 monsters with an Assassin Bug Hive 15
Master Quester Complete 10 story quests 15
Sniper Kill 1,000 monsters with a Sniper Rifle 15
Baby, You're a Rich Man Collect 35,000 Palladium 20
Beast Menace Kill 3,000 Beasts 20
I Hate Crates Destroy 1,000 breakables 20
Pugilist Kill 100 monsters with your bare hands 20
Spectral Menace Kill 3,000 Spectrals 20
Undead Menace Kill 3,000 Undead 20
I Am The Destroyer Dismantle 1,000 items 25
There's No Place Like It Use 100 PRDs 30
Wuss Use 300 Health Injectors 30
A Big Improvement Upgrade 10 Different Items 35
If I Had a Hammer Craft 10 items 40
Time to Die Kill 50 enemies in 30 seconds 50
Ultimate Imp Annihilation Kill 10,000 Demons 50
Ultimate Zombie Destruction Kill 10,000 Zombies 50
I Know What I'm Talking About Put 10 Points into a Skill 100
I'll Be Up In a Minute Reach level 10 in 4 hours 100
Sachin Swinget Kill Sydonai with a Cricket Bat 100
Ultimate Beast Bash Kill 20,000 Beasts 100
Ultimate Spectral Scourging Kill 2,000 Spectrals 100
Ultimate Undead Undoing Kill 20,000 Undead 100
You Found a What? Identify 2,000 items 100
Demon Menace Kill 25,000 Demons 120
Fashion Bug Have 8 Legendary items equipped at once 120
Slots of Fun Win the mini-game 20 times 150
Just... One... More... Assign at least one point to every skill in your skill tree 200
No Time to Waste Reach level 20 in 14 hours 200
Not a Fit Night Out Find the Blood Moon 200
King of the Hill Kill Sydonai 100 times 500
The Claw King Kill Shulgoth 100 times 500
Ultimate Demon Destruction Kill 100,000 Demons 500