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Wiki has been updated to 1.18.0. The link to our Star Wars: Galaxies section has been removed from our main page since that game goes off-line today (a link can still be found on our Community portal page).

Onderduiker 15 Dec 2011


Wiki has been updated to 1.14.1. Wiki away!

NLX3647 22 Mar 2009


Check out the second Guild Wars screenshot contest gallery: Screenshot Contests

Arhurt 20 Mar 2008

Wiki has been updated to 1.12. Wiki away!

NLX3647 12 Jul 2008

Wiki has been updated to 1.11.1. Wiki away! 2 Mar 2008


The Hellgate: London wiki branch is seeing some pretty wild activity as the NDA of the game has been released!

Jugalator 21 Oct 2007


You have to be logged in to make changes now. This is to prevent trolls and spammers from making changes and putting links up here that we don't want.

NLX3647 22 Jul 2005

Wiki moved over from TPJ's server to the main Basin server. All the Basin resources are now hosted on the Basin server. Sorry for the downtime, but it was something that needed to be done. Back to Wiki'ing.

NLX3647 21 Jul 2005

The Basin Wiki is now on the Basin server.

NLX3647 20 Jul 2005

The DAoC branch is working on their main page.

Jini 28 Apr 2005

Malphigian has been handed the keys to the Basin wiki server and has been working to improve things quite a bit. Much (all?) of the old WoW wiki info has been moved over to this server. Much is left to do!

TPJ 23 Feb 2005

I've just merged the "Unofficial WoWwWiki" with the wiki database here. This was a very hairy process, but I'm pretty sure we didn't lose any data (all is backed up elsewhere if we did). WoW users will need to re-register. Please give a helping hand in getting the new wiki together. The WoW wiki can be accessed via the left nav or via World of Warcraft.

Malphigian 21 Feb 2005

The Basin WoW wiki merged with the Basin wiki (this thing)

TacoSupreme 21 Feb 2005


Guild Wars December BWE starts Friday night/Saturday morning at Midnight PST.

Jfbrown42 2 Dec 2004

NLX3647 and ZenDragon have been working on it. They're bringing it back up now. They haven't had time to look through all the logs yet, but there was a severe CPU overload causing the box not to respond to requests. They said it looks like it began about 12 hours ago and just got worse and worse.

TPJ 24 Nov 2004

The Basin web server seems to be under a heavy load for some reason. I'm going to try to contact some of our server admins to see if they can take a look. 24 Nov 2004