Blaze Pistol

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Hellgate: London weapon
Blaze Pistol
Damage Type: Fire Splash
Max Mod Slots: 2 fuel
1 battery
1 tech
1 rocket


Designed to deliver a massive, timed explosive, the Blaze Pistol is a fusion of ancient formula, careful craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Resembling a small handheld crossbow, the tip of the Blaze Pistol's arrow-like projectile is forged from Palladium, allowing it to anchor itself in the thickest demon hide. The shaft of the bolt is filled with alchemical Greek Fire and is made to literally degenerate upon detonation, eventually delivering the widest and deadliest blast possible to unsuspecting demons who thought the impact alone was all they had to worry about. The results are spectacular and well worth the wait.