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Bloomsbury can be entered from Covent Garden Station. It leads to the Storyline Quest at British Museum.

Covent Garden Station -> Bloomsbury -> British Museum (S)
  • Monster Levels:
    • Normal - 6
    • Nightmare - 36


Bloomsbury is an area of central London, in the borough of Camden. The area contains some of London's finest parks and buildings, and is particularly known for its formal squares. These include the large and orderly Russel Square, the smaller unusual round Bedford Square, Bloomsbury Square dominated by the grand Victoria House, Queen Square home to many hospitals, and Gordon Woburn and Torrington Squares, which are home to parts of University College.

The Bloomsbury district was once served by numerous tube routes, but today is only accessible via the Picadilly and Central lines. Holborn Station is the closest secured site to this area, although recent changes due to The Burn may have unearthed a secret tunnel that is part of the disused British Museum tube station.

Bloomsbury is located in The City.