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While Amazons are powerful and interesting in the Diablo II game, I've never been as fond of them as I am of other characters.  In the past, I've praised the Paladin for having a diverse skill set, offering up many different playing options, yet the Amazon's skills are at least as varied.  Both melee and ranged combat are viable options, putting her one up on the Sorceress.  And yet, I haven't played many Amazons, or much enjoyed the ones I did play. 
Of course, my dissatisfaction could be because my early experiences with the character were very frustrating.  For my first Amazon, I wanted to try bows, but couldn't find any powerful ones and didn't want to take an hour to finish off Normal Diablo.  Instead, I wound up using a spear, and quickly discovered that Jab was the only skill worth using. (This was in the hoary days of v. 1.0, of course.)  Much later, I tried a Javazon, and had the opposite problem: the big sticks made killing too easy, especially with Lightning Fury.  I didn't even have to aim... just clicked the mouse a couple of times and everything died.  After that, I went off to play the other classes, and never looked back for long.
Now, many versions later, I understand that the Amazon has been overhauled for the better.  In particular, while Jab was nerfed by making it dependent on weapon speed, the other spear skills were improved.  Back when I first tried it, Fend was nothing but a slow mockery of Zeal, and the "lightning damage" spear skills were pathetic.  Now, if they really are more useful, a Spearazon might be fun.  If not... it's back to Jabbing again, and I'll need some attack speed boosts to compensate for the nerf.  Extra movement speed might help too, for closing in on those pesky archers and mages.  Come to think of it, could a melee fighter gain much from lots of extra movement?  There are "speedazons", but they use bows.  I've never equipped anyone like that, which makes it a good thing to try now.
My plan is: a pure Spearazon, with as many boosts to attack and movement speed as I can lay my grubby little hands on.  At high levels, her main attack skill will probably be Fend, but I'll try the lightning skills to see how they've changed.  No Pikes -- I'll restrict myself to fast spears like the Brandistock class.  They have serious dexterity requirements, as do Amazon-specific spears, so she won't have any problem hitting things.  Doing enough damage might be difficult.  A big investment in Critical Strike would be a good idea, and if I can swing it, some gear with Crushing Blow.  But speed takes priority.
All I need now is a name and a personality.  Hmm... she'll be a fast girl with a high dexterity, relying on skill and technique more than muscle.  She might not even be strong enough to handle the really big sticks.  Every now and then, there might be a few sparks, but mostly she'll come in fast and fend of anyone who tries to get near her.  Most importantly, she must have a sense of humor.  I know the Amazon sounds very noble in-game, but I'm in the mood to write something just plain SILLY.  Besides, any woman who's built like that better have a sense of humor about it.  Her name will be Bodiccea, after a tribal warrior woman of the British Isles who rebelled against Roman rule.  Apparently, she was a hottie too.
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*Stony, [https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/matriarch-bodiccea.777112/ Matriarch Bodiccea] (Diabloii.net)
*Stony, [https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/grand-tour-pt-7.127099/ Grand Tour, pt. 7] (Diabloii.net)
This is the seventh and final part of Stony's Grand Tour, written between 16 January 2004 and 24 July 2004, and originally posted in the Diabloii.net [https://www.diabloii.net/forums/forums/single-player-forum.3/ Single Player Forum]. While the opening posts are long gone, Vesper, one of our Community Members, contacted him and was given the original documents, and permission to reproduce them at the Amazon Basin.

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