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Beast are the lower forms of life in Hell. They are the naturally occurring fauna of the Underworld, made evil by their surroundings and their masters. True Demons see them as fodder to subjugate, abuse, brand, armor and train for battle. Beast are unintelligent and commonly oriented towards melee combat, attacking with fangs and claws. While susceptible to most types of damage, Beast of greater power and age can be extremely large and strong, a few reportedly towering over city buildings. Some of these creatures also employ attacks representative of their infernal origins, unleashing corrosive, poisonous or fiery effects on their unlucky targets. In terms of natural defenses, the more brutish varieties have thick, armored hides while their smaller, wiry kin rely on their agility to avoid attacks.

The demons of Hellgate:London can be divided into 4 distinct categories or castes. Besides Beast, we have Primus, Necros and Spectral.