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The primus caste is populated by the most fearsome demons from the infernal Underworld. One will find intelligent demons usually busy leading armies of lesser demons here. They have mastered the art of speech to command and instill fear alike. They are known to craft their own weaponry, but can often also wield the weapons of humans.

Also called True Demons, these are the organized beings that command the lesser castes and are the primary cause of the apocalypse. Mostly humanoid in form, they often use weapons and equipment in their vile pursuits, and some have even been seen using human-created technology, although they tend to favor devices of their own fabrication. Their intelligence, use of weaponry, and the ability to attack from both range or in hand-to-hand combat make them a dangerous and unpredictable enemy. Demons also wear armor that is commonly resistant to traditionally infernal types of damage, such as fire and employ mystic shields to safeguard them against more temporal forms of damage.

The demons of Hellgate:London can be divided into 4 distinct categories or castes. Besides Primus, we have Necros, Beasts and Spectral.