Cluster Rifle

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Hellgate: London weapon
Cluster Rifle
Damage Type: Physical Direct & Splash
Max Mod Slots: 1 fuel
1 battery
1 relic
1 tech
3 rockets


The Cluster Rifle is one of the standard, but highly flexible, weapons in the battle against the demons. The oversized barrels allow for large caliber, high explosive missiles to be launched at a sustained rate of fire. With correct tactical choices in terms of rocket arrays, this weapon can be utilized equally well against a wide variety of targets.

In practice, Cluster Rifles are used as long range support and suppression weapons. They are especially effective at dispersing groups of middling enemies prone to bunching in groups, such as zombies. Upon impact, each Cluster Rifle round explodes into several distinct projectiles that speed into nearby hostiles. Thus, Cluster Rifles can be extremely lethal when aimed at flocks of low-level aerial foes, like the Soul Reaper.