Lucious Aldin

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Lucious Aldin gives out storyline quests. He can be found in several stations.

Lucious is insane. Contrary to the norm, touching the Well of Midnight had the strange side-effect of obliterating Lucious' mind while sparing his soul.

Though Lucious is good to the core, his madness still makes him highly unreliable.

It's worth noting that being captured and tortured for several years by minions of the Great Dark did little to improve Lucious' already unstable psyche.


Arms & Answers
That'll Get Infected
The Wall
Mind Mysteries

Quotes (not complete by any means)

Talking to Lucious
  • You smell like lillies... And the consecrated blood of a thousand burned offerings given up to almighty Grod. Sorry, that last bit could be me.
  • Let's summon up some Carnagors and ride around jousting each other for the favor of the local nobility and various tavern wenches.
  • You don't gingerly touch darkness, I know. I was actually molested by darkness. It's only lasted 4 years so I'm over it by now.
  • You've been injected with words...from my mouth.
  • It's been wonderful speaking at your face in the hopes you comprehend.
  • Talk? Yes...I can do that.
  • A man with one clock always knows what time it is. A man with two clocks is never sure. I have six. I am the timemaster!
  • Giraffes are not supposed to talk. They're not! I'm not inclined that you would know anything about that. Nor have I ever seen a particularly chatty Giraffe... Heh, I'm just saying!
  • I know. He stole my sandwich. I've seen him pirating it.
  • I think my molecules are expanding so furiously they're traveling through time. Ah, it looks like I just put my hand in the microwave again.
  • I can feel victory on the wind. Not the demon wind that kills mind you... The good non-burning wind.
  • Oh yeah... I'm all kinds of ready to say things!
  • I've been practicing talking in the mirror. Talking, and fighting, and cooking. And... making love.
  • Oooh. Ook. Hello Dude. Hrwu.
Leaving Conversation
  • *descending whistling noise* Kaboom!
  • Grod, hear me all great gorilla with a brain and awesome telekinetic powers! I worship you.
  • He he he he. I wondered if you'd ever notice.
  • Go in the grace of Grod.
  • Such a charming young person. Bit of the beaten track though, if you know what I mean.
  • Yes, the doing is complete.
  • Let's get some sorbet later. I know a most lovely place.
  • Consider yourself spoken to.
  • Ok then.
  • Goodbye.