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This caste includes both the undead and the demons that create and command them. Necro often swarm in semi-organized packs, using strength of numbers to overcome the limitations of their commonly weakened and decayed forms. Although usually simple to knock down, some may rise again unless appropriate measures are taken. Their masters are more powerful, and eliminating their commanding presence should be of the highest priority when encountering them. Creatures within the Necro caste commonly use attacks that pierce the flesh, poison the blood and corrupt the soul. It is important to note that they are particularly resistant to these same sorts of attacks.

The demons of Hellgate:London can be divided into 4 distinct categories or castes: besides Necro, we have Primus, Beasts and Spectral. Necro Lesser Demons are listed below.

Black Skull

Blood Zombie

Still dripping with sanguine fluid, these sickening zombies are drawn to the scent of human blood. Soaked in a thick, almost gelatinous coating of gore, their undead flesh is constantly receiving nutrients, making them physically strong and amazingly resilient to damage. Some have even been known to regenerate if not completely destroyed.

Bloodied Hulk

The Bloodied Hulk is a higher level version of the Bruiser demon.


Big body and a skull as head, that's what this Necro caste demon looks like. They are mid/high level monsters that can be found burning in hell.


Flesh Eater

These are victims of the demonic invasion whose souls were trapped within the twisted, decaying flesh of their now lifeless bodies. Their predilection for savagely devouring their victims has earned the most mindless of the undying the name Flesh Eaters. Although they seem to shamble aimlessly if viewed from afar, they move rapidly after spotting - or perhaps smelling - fresh prey. Their shattered bodies emit numerous wet and frightening noises as they move, and the harsh rasps and breathy moans that are emitted from their crushed throats can be quite unsettling to the uninitiated.

The millions that died in the final days of humanity make for a virtually endless supply of these tortured creatures. Just as in their lives, the walking dead segregate into distinct factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Flesh Golem

Ghoul Lord

Grave Lurker

These misshapen monstrosities drag themselves sickeningly across any terrain to seek the flesh of fresh victims. Their broken limbs and grey, lifeless skin makes them a truly disturbing sight, even to the hardened warrior. Their ability to leap is surprising, and often catches revolted adventurers off guard.


Stitched together from numerous corpses and chunks of flesh, the Grotesque is an aptly named abomination. The stench of rotting meat is always a sure sign that one of these lumbering, disease-ridden automatons is in the area. The decaying bodies are filled with maggots that have been altered by the demonic energies used to create this monstrosity.

Different Grotesque creations present different challenges but after slaying any of them, they remain dangerous. Invariably their melded corpses explode and undead forms then rise from the remains, freed from their united servitude.



Stitched together from numerous corpses and chunks of flesh, the Hellmeat is a low-level version of the Grotesque.

Be alert when these monsters die, as they will spawn creep like (formerly consumed) zombies and larvae if they die. Ick!

Maggot Spawners

A Grotesque reaches inside itself and hurls the flesh-eating parasites that feast upon its dying flesh at its enemies. The gasses from the demonically altered, rotting meat on which they have been feasting causes these misshapen maggots to expand and explode.


These twisted fiends are the unliving remains of those unfortunates who were slain in their sleep. The bodies and faces of Nightmares are eternally contorted, reflecting the state of their minds and souls when the demons took control of them. Their anguish is what fuels their arcane attacks, making them frightening to see and a horror to battle.

Siege Fiend

A hellish combination of arachnid and human corpses, these gigantic monstrosities have spelled the doom of many brave souls. A strange, greenish crystalline growth on their backs gathers the toxins they naturally secrete. The Siege Fiend can then channel these poisons at its victim with virulent result.

These creatures are smarter than they appear, perhaps stemming in some way from the overlarge human skulls that make up their "face". The sheer size of the Siege Fiend makes it an easy target, but the speed with which its toxin can kill does not allow for delay when engaging them in combat.

Spined Skeleton

Low-level version of the Black Skull.