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The Primus caste is populated by the most fearsome demons from the infernal Underworld. One will find intelligent demons usually busy leading armies of lesser demons here. They have mastered the art of speech to command and instill fear alike. They are known to craft their own weaponry, but can often also wield the weapons of humans.

Also called True Demons, these are the organized beings that command the lesser castes and are the primary cause of the apocalypse. Mostly humanoid in form, they often use weapons and equipment in their vile pursuits, and some have even been seen using human-created technology, although they tend to favor devices of their own fabrication. Their intelligence, use of weaponry, and the ability to attack from both range or in hand-to-hand combat make them a dangerous and unpredictable enemy. Demons also wear armor that is commonly resistant to traditionally infernal types of damage, such as fire and employ mystic shields to safeguard them against more temporal forms of damage.

The demons of Hellgate:London can be divided into 4 distinct categories or castes: besides Primus, we have Necro, Beasts and Spectral.

Lesser Demon

Blade Husk

Blade Minion

These are the formidable front-line fighters in the demon army. Their forearms have been augmented with massive spikes, allowing them to punch through the thickest mundane armor with ease. They are incredibly strong, delivering a crushing, crippling blow with each swing of their massive arms.

Blade Servant

Blade Slayer

Blood Angel

Flying through the Burn-darkened skies on leathery wings, the Blood Angel announces her presence with a blood-chilling scream and then rains death down from on high. This demon can both unleash bolts of spectral energy or swoop in and use her vicious talons to rend and maim her victims. The runes in her skin burn with crimson intensity, both denoting her rank amongst the minions of Hell and marking her as one of the True Demons. Extra care must be taken by those heroes that favor melee combat as the Blood Angel uses her mobility and flight to great advantage.

Darkspawn Diabolist

The Diabolists are a proud group, but those of the Darkspawn are arrogant and sadistic. While the clans are so competitive that they do little to aid each other, rumors exist of these demons actually acting to the detriment of other clans. They will aid their own, although they prefer unleashing their arcane energies against their foes.

Darkspawn Scout

Combing the remains of the city, and especially its numerous underground areas, is the fervent mission of these demons. They are especially devious, often laying wait in silence as unsuspecting adventurers are ambushed and dissected before they know what has happened.

Darkspawn Sniper

These demonic marksmen seem somehow deadlier the further they are from their target. They are manageably dispatched once they are drawn into close range, but they are less susceptible to being enticed to do so than their lesser kindred.

Darkspawn Trooper

The elite warriors of the Darkspawn clans, these fierce demons wade into battle using every conceivable means of weaponry. While traditionally eschewing the weapons of man, some have been seen using the more advanced devices of the Templar, such as the Grappler, to devastating and surprising effect.

Death Maggot

Death Maggots enjoy the company of hulking Grotesques - or maybe it's the other way around!

Gremlin Diabolist

These spell-casters are extremely problematic when amongst their more combat-oriented kin, keeping them alive and protected with their arcane powers. They are not above calling upon the forces of Hell to do damage, however, should they be so provoked.

Gremlin Scout

Truly living up to the human designation of scout, these demons are always on the move, searching the ruins of London for survivors or lost artifacts. They are experts at ranged combat and use both tactics and weapon selection to great effect.

Gremlin Sniper

Staying just out of reach of the slow, plodding creatures known to them as man, these fiends lash out with deadly accuracy. Fortunately their tendency to constantly seek a better shot makes their long-distance barrage survivable.

Gremlin Trooper

These foot-soldiers prefer to use hit and run tactics as opposed to standing toe to toe with usually physically superior foes. They have been seen using melee weapons in either one or both hands, depending on what they have been able to steal or retrieve from the streets and sewers of London.


Imp Diabolist

The Imp Diabolist has no need for the mechanisms of which its kin is so fond. This demon relies on the arcane powers of the underworld to wreck havoc on unfortunate adventurers. The fires of hell and essence of the spectral plane can be used for more than crude damage, however. Imp Diabolists also share a bond with others of their clan, devoting a portion of their energies to shielding and healing them.

Imp Scout

These fiendish creatures use the weapons of both man and demon to strike at their enemies from afar. The sheer variety of attacks this affords makes it nearly impossible to build defenses against all of them, especially as they rarely travel alone.

Imp Sniper

Imp Snipers utilize weaponry with the longest possible range to offset their relative physical weaknesses. They are easy enough to dispatch, but first the distance between adventurer and demon must be gapped. And since they are fond of stealing and using the extremely powerful weapons that man has used to keep himself far from harm, this is easier said than done.

Imp Trooper

These footsoldiers of the Imps are tenacious fighters that wield a single blade in combat, be it stolen or crafted by their own kind. As they commonly travel in small packs, Imp Troopers can also deal many different types of damage, making them particularly troublesome.


Minions are lesser demons belonging to the primus caste. They are most easily identified by their grotesque mouths almost entirely covering their faces. They're the shock troops of the Underworld wielding demon crafted weaponry that are part of their own bodies, and have been seen wielding melee as well as ranged weaponry. Minions are intelligent demons who can use speech to command lesser demons, and some have even learnt human speech since entering our world.

Minions take on several different roles, such as the Blade Minions and Shock Minions, and "Minion" is merely a name for their species.


The Reaper is a grande demon that stands tall above a lot of other demons, even among his fellow Primus demons. This demonic creature can also be summoned by a high level Summoner.


Flying demon that attacks from above.

Shock Husk

Shock Minion

The metallic clamps that have replaced the hands of these creatures serve not as grappling devices, but instead provide a conduit and focus for eldritch electrical energies. The Shock Minion can channel this energy into balls of lightning which are then fired across great distances, or both claws can be struck together, causing a massive shockwave that damages enemies that have come too close or surrounded the demon.

Shock Servant

Shock Slayer

Winged Imp

Young Hellrift

Demon in Tripping the Rift, by Maxim in Templar Base.

Greater Demon

The Gatekeeper

This 4-armed giant demon can be seen in the E3 demo. He is a boss that has to be killed for a quest inside a hellrift.

Vortex Goliath

This giant mid-level demon can be seen in the E3 '07 gameplay video. Several Vortex Goliaths can be found in The Thames.