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These are semi-corporeal beings with powerful magical abilities at their disposal. They exist, at least partially, on an alternate and parallel realm of existence known as the Spectral plane, making them difficult to fight using normal physical means. Spectral demons are visually the strangest and most shocking creatures encountered by the survivors of the Burn, and some even have hidden forms that can only be seen by adventurers with a means to peer into their unearthly realm. Their Spectral power sometimes manifests itself in our world as a form of electricity, and attacks based in similar energy spectra have been found to be highly effective.

The demons of Hellgate:London can be divided into 4 distinct categories or castes: besides Spectral, we have Primus, Beasts and Necro. Spectral Lesser Demons are listed below.


These low level flying demons have 4 tentacles that reach down to attack the player.

Dunder Liche

A Spectral demon that attacks while floating just above the ground. They fire homing spectral damage based bolts.

  • Try to fight these from a distance so you have time to dodge their bolts, especially if you face a group of Liches.
  • Their bolts can be quite dangerous, especially if you rely a lot on shields.
  • If you wish to play it safe, just back away from their bolts until they go away. This can however be a rather slow tactic.


Pain Leech


Rage Fury

Schism Bat

Shadow Husk

Soul Reaper

These eerie, misshapen amalgams of flesh are powered by the energies of souls ripped from the recently slain. Soul Reapers are the most primitive form of what is known as a Spectral manifestation. Not fully formed in this world, these creatures are the essence of a demon that only slightly exists in the human world. They drift slowly about, attracted to fresh corpses upon which they feed by literally draining their souls.

Soul Reapers are largely oblivious to the activities of mankind, although they will lash out with a savage blast of spectral "lightning" should they be disturbed. Immediately after feeding, they begin to move rapidly and erratically while emitting an uncontrollable burst of energy that is especially dangerous for anyone within range. Some believe that these creatures also provide some sort of beneficial effect to other nearby demons that have ties to the spectral realm.

Spectral Fury


A small two-legged Spectral demon. Its name comes from his ability to appear out of nowhere.