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Used to apply consistent format to Rune Word pages.

Item type {{{Item 1}}} Rune order and modifiers Rune Word modifiers
{{{Item 2}}} [[{{{R1}}} Rune|{{{R1}}}]] {{{Rune 1}}} {{{Word 1}}}
{{{Item 3}}} [[{{{R2}}} Rune|{{{R2}}}]] {{{Rune 2}}} {{{Word 2}}}
Sockets {{{Sockets}}} [[{{{R3}}} Rune|{{{R3}}}]] {{{Rune 3}}} {{{Word 3}}}
Patch {{{Patch}}} [[{{{R4}}} Rune|{{{R4}}}]] {{{Rune 4}}} {{{Word 4}}}
Ladder {{{Ladder}}} [[{{{R5}}} Rune|{{{R5}}}]] {{{Rune 5}}} {{{Word 5}}}
Min Rlvl {{{Rlvl}}} [[{{{R6}}} Rune|{{{R6}}}]] {{{Rune 6}}} {{{Word 6}}}
{{{Word 7}}}