Elite Sets and Set Items

Elite sets are any sets that have an elite item as its highest piece, or any set item with a level requirement higher than 47; these can be considered the cream of the crop. There are two completed elite sets for the bowazon — one is class-specific. There are comparatively few elite sets for the bowazon, even less than the exceptionals. Like the exceptional sets, it was expected that there would be an infinitely larger assortment of alternatives like rares, crafted items, rune words, and magical items.

For more information on sets, please refer to the Horadrim Library and the Set Items section of the Arreat Summit.

M'avina's Battle Hymn

M'avina's Battle Hymn, the top amazon set in LOD, isn't the strongest bowazon setup in game, but it's certainly one of the most enjoyable. The set bonuses of M'avina's Battle Hymn are: +20 strength, +30 dexterity, +3 skills, all resistances 50%, +100 defense, +100 attack rating, 100% better chance of getting magic items, and a special glowing aura that shows you've completed the set. Because M'avina's Caster GMB is an amazon-specific weapon, only an amazon can complete this set. Its bonuses render it one of the most well-balanced and visually impressive class-specific sets in the game.

The pieces themselves are generally sub-par of what would be expected from an elite set and the three most crucial pieces for the bowazon — bow, gloves, and belt — are substandard on their own; each piece ties in with every other piece so that no single item is too strong compared to the others. The bulk of this set's dominance is based on green set items bonuses — without them, M'avina's would be unsuitable for hell.

The bow has a 10% chance to cast a slvl-15 nova on striking - that's 92-139 lightning damage in a small radius. It also carries around 100~400 magic damage per shot - this magical damage is lessened by Strafe, but not by elemental arrows. In the end, 50~200 physical plus 100~400 magical per arrow is a lot of damage - the nova is just a very flashy icing on the cake. It's not phenomenal, but it finally makes this set worth having, simply to have FA multiple pierce with overlapping novas. This set isn't brutal, but it's fun. Strafe has always been evil, but once Blizzard corrected the mistake of not allowing a monster to be hit more than once from a single volly, it just got plain sick, and nothing shows it off more than Mavina's. Once I got the hang of the nova's radius, I tried my damnedest to herd packs of monsters into tightly-packed groups to abuse overlapping novas from an 9/2 strafe or a volley of FA attacks. I now insitinctively keep a track of bottlenecks whenever I go on a levelling spree.

This is a frostmaiden set: M'avina's Battle Hymn screams cold damage. Then there's the magical damage; the Caster is one of the few ranged weapons you'll find with a significant amount of magical damage: this, combined with the unlimited magic arrows, ensures that you have something to deal with PIs. It's slow going, but if there're any party members that can deal with PIs better, then you're contributing to the damage; if not, then you're the primary PI killer.

M'avina's alone is equipped to handle just about anything: it gets magical, cold, and physical damage all in one package. There are very few things in the game — if anything at all — that are immune to even two out of those three things at once: resistant, yes; immune, no.

M'avina's Battle Hymn doesn't leave a bowazon with much space for customization: the only slots that are left open are the jewelry and boot slots, meaning that the bowazon will have to choose her sockets and charms wisely. The rlvl of this set is clvl-70.

The bonus for wearing two items is an impressive +20 strength, quite the boost considering the armor. As little as 92 strength is needed to use the entire set, assuming no +strength items. That much strength is enough to wear the Icy Clutch and Tenet for an impressive +30 strength (+10 from the Clutch, +20 for the partial bonus); this would boost a bowazon's strength to 122, enough to use the Embrace. After the armor, the rest of the set is somewhat accessible (assuming you can obtain the diadem).

Socketing Options

Optimal socketing options can go one of two ways: the speed route or the cold route. M'avina's inherent IAS bonus is 70%, just enough to achieve a 10/3 speed rating. Another 20% IAS from either an IAS amulet or a Shael rune in the bow will give the set a 9/3 rating; insert two jewels of fervor into the diadem and armor (60%) for the 120% IAS she will need to reach 9/2. If you want maximum resists (the set itself offers 100% prismatic resists), you might have to shell out for prismatic IAS jewels, but ultimately, it's worth it.

Conversely, you can use cold-damage Rainbow Facets for an edge in cold damage. The cold facets won't increase the chill duration of your bowazon's FA, but it'll add a substantial damage bonus: a pair of average (4/4) cold facets will add around 200-300 cold damage, not to mention lowering your target's cold resistance. If you fit out the set with three cold facets, you'll be sacrificing speed, but 20% IAS is all you need to hit 9/3, and with an effective FA, everything you hit'll generally stay still until you're good and ready to kill it.

Without additional cold equipment, the total chill duration of the completed set is ten seconds in Normal.

The Disciple

The set bonuses of the Disciple are: +150 defense, 22 poison damage over 3 seconds, +10 strength, +2 skills, all resistances 50%, +100 mana. This set can be worn by any class, but its primary advantages to the bowazon are its low strength requirements, light weight, attribute bonuses, and resists — a total fire resist 115%, cold resist 83%, poison resist 100-105%, and lightning resist 65%, in addition to reduced cold and poison duration. Its weaknesses are none of the pieces are of any use to the bowazon by themselves (except Laying of Hands), severely limited modification potential and the absence of an AR bonus, elemental damage, MDR/DR and added damage. The Disciple leaves a bowazon with an open bow, helm and ring slots. The rlvl of this set is clvl-77; the maximum IAS one can get out of this set (without weapon) is 80%.

A further write-up can be found at the Horadrim Library.

According to the Arreat Summit, if you have any other sources of poison damage (including the damage on the Dark Adherent), the partial/complete set bonus will show some other, inaccurate value.

Partial Set Bonuses

There are certain combinations of set items that could prove very beneficial to the bowazon; while certain pieces can prove somewhat useful (or of no use at all) on their own, it's only when they are combined with certain other pieces of their sets do they truly begin to shine.

Tal Rasha's Wrappings

The partial bonuses to this elite set are: replenish life +10, 65% better chance of getting magic items. While this may not seem like much, keep in mind that these bonuses are stacked on the already-considerable attributes of the three pieces. Though Tal Rasha's is a sorceress's set, the options that just these pieces offer are just too good to pass up. Dual leech, magic find, extra dexterity, resists, magic damage reduction...there is absolutely nothing to not like about this setup.

While an improved version of Tal Rasha's Wrappings came out for v1.10 with even more partial set bonuses, these improvements are, for the most part, meaningless to the bowazon.

Individual Set Items

Elite set items that are useful in and of themselves include:

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