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Compilation of All Quests by Location & Monster Levels

Numerous Quests aren't handed out in a linear fashion causing a lot of backtracking

Holborn Station Area - Act 1:

Russell Square - Monster Level 0:

Find Murmur, then the Fallen Seraph, and travel to Holborn Station

Holborn Station:

Speak with Techsmith 101 in Holborn Station

Tottenham Court Road - Monster Level 1:

Kill Tantorus. Find Li'l Joey's Prosthetic in Tottenham Court Road
Kill 10 Zombies in Tottenham Court Road

Holborn Access Shafts - Monster Level 2:

Take 8 Capacitors from any Demon in Holborn Access Shafts
Kill 3 Blood Zombies in Holborn Access Shafts

Covent Garden Approach - Monster Level 3:

Travel to Covent Garden Station, Speak with Murmur then Brandon Lann
Kill 12 Fellbores in Covent Garden Approach
1 Stat Point
Kill Typhoid Mary in Covent Garden Approach
1 Stat Point

Covent Garden Station Area - Act 1:

Upper Kingsway Sewers - Monster Level 3:

Take 4 Blade Husk Claws from Blade Husks in Upper Kingsway Sewers
Explore Upper Kingsway Sewers

Lower Kingsway Sewers - Monster Level 4:

Kill Big Ben In Lower Kingsway Sewers
Take 10 Blind Eyes from Fellbores in Lower Kingsway Sewers

Covent Garden Steam Tunnels - Monster Level 4:

Kill Lord Nyssaylor in Covent Garden Steam Tunnels
Kill Fangsnort in Covent Garden Steam Tunnels

Covent Garden Train Depot - Monster Level 5:

Kill Bag O' Bones in Covent Garden Train Depot
Kill 16 Imp Troopers in Covent Garden Train Depot

Covent Garden Market - Monster Level 5:

Breach the Hellrift in Covent Garden Market. Recover Dr. Fawkes remains.
Kill 8 Ravagers in Covent Garden Market
1 Stat Point

Bloomsbury - Monster Level 6:

Take 8 Hearts of Rage from Shriekers in Bloomsbury
1 Stat Point
Kill 9 Shriekers in Bloomsbury
1 Stat Point

British Museum - Monster Level 6:

Breach the Hellrift in British Museum.
Use the Fawkes Device. Survive!
Kill Emperor Gulkar in the British Museum
End of Act 1

Leicester Square - Monster Level 7:

Travel to Charing Cross Station
Explore Leicester Square
Use the Sedative on Lord Mielmight (while he's alive) in Leicester Square

St. Martin's - Monster Level 7:

Kill 7 Imp Snipers in St. Martin's
1 Stat Point
Activate 3 Proto Detectors in St. Martin's

Charing Cross Approach - Monster Level 8:

Use the Possessed Pickle Jar on 4 Sources of All Evil in Charing Cross Approach
Travel to Charing Cross Station. Speak with Techsmith 314
1 Stat Point
Take 10 Blood Carriers from Fanged Ravagers in Charing Cross Approach

Charing Cross Station Area - Act 2:

Piccadilly Approach - Monster Level 8:

Activate 3 Sire Beacons in Piccadilly Approach
Explore Piccadilly Approach

Piccadilly Circus - Monster Level 9:

Breach the Hellrift in Piccadilly Circus. Enter A Step Into Hell. Recover The Oracle.
Explore Piccadilly Circus
Take 10 Tickers from Imp Troopers in Piccadilly Circus (some drop in the Hellrift also)

Green Park Approach - Monster Level 10:

(Part 1), Travel to Green Park Station
Kill 4 Defilers in Green Park Approach
Kill Mini Dynamo in Green Park Approach

Green Park Station Area - Act 2:

Green Park Station - Monster Level 10:

(Part 2), Speak with Lucious Aldin at Green Park Station

Death's Sewers - Monster Level 11:

(Part 3), Take 8 Shreds of Heart Flesh from any Demon in Death's Sewers. Activate the Altar of Pain
Explore Death's Sewers
Kill 20 Zombies in Death's Sewers

Death's City - Monster Level 12:

(Part 4), Take 8 Bits O' Brains from any Demon in Death's City. Activate the Altar of Horror.
Kill Lord Enorat in Death's City
Kill 12 Crested Stalkers in Death's City
1 Stat Point

Death's Tunnels - Monster Level 11:

(Part 5), Seek the Womb of Despair in Death's Tunnels. Take 'The Oracle'.
(Part 1), Activate The Oracle while at Green Park Station. Travel to Chocolate Park
Kill 12 Cursed Fellbores in Death's Tunnels

Oxford Circus Station Area - Act 2:

Savile Row - Monster Level 12:

Admiralty Arch - Monster Level 12:

Kill Lord Croosack in Admiralty Arch
1 Stat Point
Take 15 Ichor from Cursed Fellbores in Admiralty Arch

Chocolate Park - Monster Level 12:

(Part 2) Defeat The Brain in Chocolate Park. Catch Techsmith 314, return him to Lucious Aldin in Chocolate Park.
Kill Anthropophagus in Chocolate Park

Whitehall - Monster Level 13:

Take 6 Putrid Ears from Cursed Fellbores in Whitehall
Kill 15 Crested Stalkers in Whitehall

Downing Street - Monster Level 13:

Activate 2 Terminals in Downing Street
Kill Phenomenae in Downing Street

Millennium Battle - Monster Level 13:

Fortify embattled forces in Millennium Battle

Craven Street - Monster Level 14:

Take 3 Bilious Sacs from Firesnaps in Craven Street
1 Stat Point
Kill Gnip'pong in Craven Street

Embankment Approach - Monster Level 14:

Kill The Phantom in Embankment Approach
Use the Retractable Bracer on Lord Cheessis (while it's alive) in Embankment Approach
1 Stat Point

Embankment Redoubt - Monster Level 14:

Activate the C.I.S. in Embankment Redoubt. Guide the Fist to victory.

Mind Of 314 - Monster Level 15:

Reach the Limit of Techsmith 314's imagination in the Mind of 314. Defeat Ultra 314.
End of Act 2

Travel to Temple Station Quests:

Travel to Temple Station. Speak with Rorke Pherral
Travel to Temple Station. Speak with Ser Sing
Travel to Temple Station. Speak with Tiberius
1 Stat Point

Waterloo Bridge - Monster Level 15:

Kill Electrofiend in Waterloo Bridge

Savoy - Monster Level 16-17:

Kill Abomination in Savoy
1 Stat Point
Take 1 Wedding Ring from Firesnap in Savoy

Temple Approach - Monster Level 15-16-17:

Take 8 Demon Tidbits from Gremlin Troopers in Temple Approach
Take 1 Encrypted Message from Black Skull in Temple Approach
1 Stat Point

Temple Station Area - Act 3:

Aldwych - Monster Level 16:

Obtain a fresh sample from a Fresh Boil in Aldwych
Explore Aldwych

Temple Access Ducts - Monster Level 16:

Kill 18 Zombies in Temple Access Ducts
Obtain 6 Demon Organs from Pain Leeches in Temple Access Ducts

Forgotten Ducts - Monster Level 17:

Kill The Goblin in Forgotten Ducts
Kill 10 Gremlin Troopers in Forgotten Ducts

Waterloo - Monster Level 16-17:

Take 6 Demon Tidbits from Plague Zombies in Waterloo
Kill The Sandman in Waterloo
Find 1 Inconspicuous Workstation in Waterloo

Upper Ground - Monster Level 16:

Take 6 Flesh Samples from Foul Seraphim in Upper Ground
Kill 20 Screechers in Upper Ground

Barge House - Monster Level 16-17-19:

Find and Kill the Infector in Barge House

New Bridge - Monster Level 17:

Explore New Bridge
Take 8 Demon Claws from Burning Dead in New Bridge
1 Stat Point

The Big Gundown - Monster Level 17:

Operate a turret at The Big Gundown. Kill the infected Exospector

The Strand - Monster Level 17-18:

Take 1 Demon Ticker from The Hag in The Strand
1 Stat Point
Take 2 Demon Organs from Furies in The Strand
1 Stat Point

Blackfriars - Monster Level 16-18:

Kill Necar in Blackfriars
Kill Shambling Meatbag in Blackfriars
1 Stat Point
Take 10 Demon Souls from Fallen Fellbores in Blackfriars
1 Stat Point

Puddle Dock & Exospector - Monster Level 18:

Find the downed Exospector in Puddle Dock. Use the Heart Sample Container on the Exo-Heart in the Exospector.
Take 5 Demon Blood from Plague Zombies in the Exospector

Mansion House - Monster Level 18-19:

Take 1 Power Source from Zombie Summoner in Mansion House
Kill 11 Black Skulls in Mansion House

Cannon Street - Monster Level 19:

Kill Necrofiend in Cannon Street
1 Stat Point
Speak with the Messenger in Cannon Street. Activate the PDA.
Travel to Temple Station and speak with Mag
1 Stat Point

Angel Passage - Monster Level 19:

Kill Cracklepop in Angel Passage
Use The Cleanser weapon in Angel Passage to clean the area.
Kill Oculis the All-Seeing
Travel to Monument Station
End of Act 3

Additional Quests back at Temple & Oxford Circus Stations:

Travel to Monument Station. Speak with Jons
1 Stat Point
Travel to Monument Station. Speak with Jons
Travel to Monument Station. Speak with Nasim

Monument Station Area - Act 4:

Eastcheap - Monster Level 19:

Explore Eastcheap
Kill Sewerbreath in Eastcheap
1 Stat Point

Tudor Street - Monster Level 19:

(Part 1), Find Aeron Altair in Tudor Street. Travel to Temple Place.
Explore Tudor Street
Kill Motley Beast in Tudor Street

Temple Place - Monster Level 19:

(Part 2), Breach the Hellrift in Temple Place.
Heal Brandon Lann. Escort Lann to Templar Base.

Monument Tunnels - Monster Level 20:

Kill Bighands in Monument Tunnels
Kill Peril in Monument Tunnels
Kill Ripcage in Monument Tunnels

Monument Crawlway - Monster Level 20:

Kill 9 Pain Leeches in Monument Crawlway
Kill Unseen Terror in Monument Crawlway

Templar Base Area - Act 4:

Bell Yard - Monster Level 20:

Use the Cerebral Analyzer on Lord Leraneng in Bell Yard
Kill 4 Warpers in Bell Yard

Fleet Street - Monster Level 20:

Take 6 Things from Zombies in Fleet Street
Kill 9 Plague Zombies in Fleet Street

Ludgate Hill - Monster Level 21:

Use the Hellrift Detector & Revealer in Ludgate Hill to activate young Hellrifts & destroy them
Activate 3 Sensor Array's in Ludgate Hill

Kingsway - Monster Level 21:

Kill 12 Darkspawn Troopers in Kingsway
1 Stat Point
Take 15 Demon Claws from Darkspawn Troopers in Kingsway
1 Stat Point

Stonecutter - Monster Level 21:

Explore Stonecutter
1 Stat Point
Kill The Unholy in Stonecutter

Bishop's Court - Monster Level 21:

(Part 1), Deliver Maxim's Message to Altair in Bishop's Court
Kill El Temblo in Bishop's Court
1 Stat Point

Old Bailey - Monster Level 21:

(Part 2), Deliver Maxim's Message to Lann in Old Bailey
Kill Sado Eye in Old Bailey

Back to Monument Station Area - Act 4:

Deliver message to Connor in Monument Station

Upper Thames - Monster Level 22:

Kill Lament in Upper Thames
Activate 4 Scanners in Upper Thames

Waterman's Walk - Monster Level 22:

Get 4 Warp Registers from Fallen Fellbores in Waterman's Walk
Explore Waterman's Walk

Lower Thames - Monster Level 22:

Take 7 Low-Yield Warheads from Darkspawn Snipers in Lower Thames
Kill 3 Ravager Mastodons in Lower Thames
1 Stat Point

Tower Gateway - Monster Level 23:

Use the Fast Wand on Lord Chroorsay in Tower Gateway
Activate 3 Fringe Protrusions in Tower Gateway

Tower of London - Monster Level 23:

Kill Beast of Abbadon in Tower of London
Use the Demonic Talisman on Lord Neelmelm in Tower of London

Fenchurch - Monster Level 23:

Kill 14 Plague Zombies in Fenchurch

Trinity Square - Monster Level 23:

Kill Beguiler in Trinity Square
1 Stat Point
Kill 18 Lost Ones in Trinity Square
1 Stat Point

Aldgate - Monster Level 24:

Assist the Techsmiths in Aldgate. Create 3 Power Sources.
Take 8 Demonic Talismans from Blood Seraphim in Aldgate
1 Stat Point

King William Street - Monster Level 24:

Kill Morbat (Connor's Dad) in King William Street
Kill Mutilator in King William Street
1 Stat Point

Threadneedle - Monster Level 24:

Kill 14 Blade Slayers in Threadneedle
Explore Threadneedle
Kill Cruelspike in Threadneedle

Cannon Street Rail - Monster Level 25:

Find the 3 missing train parts for the Techsmiths in Cannon Street Rail

Exodus - Monster Level 25:

Clear the tracks in the Exodus. Wait for the train (get off the tracks)
Kill Bloodblade in the Exodus
End of Act 4

Crown Office Row - Monster Level 25:

Speak with Emmera Ephram
Save 10 Gravely & Severely Injured Templars in Crown Office Row

Mark Lane Approach - Monster Level 25:

Take 2 Perk Shots from Howlers in Mark Lane Approach
Take 12 Charged Cells from Shock Slayers in Mark Lane Approach

Mark Lane Station - Monster Level 25:

  • The Broker has 10 Quests (all but the last one are backtracking)

Liverpool Approach - Monster Level 25:

Kill 17 Fallen Fellbores in Liverpool Approach
1 Stat Point
Activate 2 Flesh Tombs in Liverpool Approach
1 Stat Points
Find Irradiated Boil in Liverpool Approach

3 Additional Quests at Monument Station:

Travel to Liverpool Street Station. Deliver Nasim's message to Lyra Darius
Travel to Liverpool Street Station. Deliver a Thing to Saul Petrus
(Part 1), travel to Liverpool St. Station and speak with Jessica Sumerisle

Liverpool St. Station Area - Act 5:

Liverpool Tunnels - Monster Level 25:

Kill Saran in Liverpool Tunnels
Take 8 Blur Eyes from Blade Slayers in Liverpool Tunnels
Kill Fleshrender in Liverpool Tunnels

Abandoned Tunnels - Monster Level 26:

Explore Abandoned Tunnels
Kill 5 Tormenters in Abandoned Tunnels

Devonshire Square - Monster Level 26:

Kill Hammerjack in Devonshire Square
Activate 5 Sweeps in Devonshire Square
1 Stat Point

Houndsditch - Monster Level 26:

Activate 3 Condensed Reactors in Houndsditch
1 Stat Point
Kill Hategunner in Houndsditch

Primrose - Monster Level 26:

Kill Blackcrone in Primrose
Activate 4 Purifiers in Primrose

Shoreditch - Monster Level 26:

Explore Shoreditch
Kill 9 Soul Drinkers in Shoreditch
Kill Spire in Shoreditch

Necropolis - Monster Level 27:

(Part 2), Find the Marker in The Deep (5th level of Necropolis)
Kill Master Orb in Necropolis Level 3
(5th quest from Tyndall. To avoid backtracking such a long distance, complete the other 4 first, along with the Storyline quest of The Deep, leaving a PRD in Necropolis 3)
1 Stat Point

Bishopsgate - Monster Level 27:

Take 4 Kiturrae from Soul Drinkers in Bishopsgate
Kill Delemorte in Bishopsgate

Wormwood - Monster Level 28:

Kill The Prowler in Wormwood
Kill 12 Frozen Horrors in Wormwood
1 Stat Point

Undershaft - Monster Level 28:

Use the Fast Wand on the Shrine of Ah'n K'Hada in Undershaft
1 Stat Point
Take 6 Mind Cradles from Juggernauts in Undershaft

Finsbury Square Area - Act 5:

Finsbury Square

Deliver Message to Techsmith 314 in Finsbury Square
Deliver a Fast Wand to Rorke Pherral in Finsbury Square

Finsbury Circus - Monster Level 28:

Kill Babayaga in Finsbury Circus
Take 20 Pharmaceuticals from Zombies in Finsbury Circus

London Wall - Monster Level 28:

1st of 5 Tests. Possess the Book in London Wall.
Take the Book to the far side of the arena

Moorgate - Monster Level 28:

Kill Earthshaker in Moorgate
Activate 8 Condensed Reactors in Moorgate

Ropemaker Street - Monster Level 28:

2nd of 5 Tests. Activate Nodes for a Bonus in Ropemaker Street.
Kill the 2 Colonels, then Kill the General

Lamb's Passage - Monster Level 29:

Kill Tenebrae in Lamb's Passage
1 Stat Point
Take 3 Chemical Mix Components from Frozen Horrors in Lamb's Passage

Whitecross - Monster Level 29:

3rd of 5 Tests. Quickly Kill the Boils in Whitecross. (hint: Ignore the Imps)

Mark Square - Monster Level 29:

Kill 14 Orbiles in Mark Square
Use the Demon Claw on 'A Magnificent Chair' in Mark Square
1 Stat Point

Old Street - Monster Level 29:

4th of 5 Tests. Activate a majority of Pinnacles in Old Street

Finsbury Market - Monster Level 29:

Kill 6 Juggernauts in Finsbury Market
1 Stat Point
Speak with Techsmith 314 inside Finsbury Market

Ploughyard - Monster Level 29:

Last Test. Pass the Gauntlet in Ploughyard
  • Hope (S), autostarts
Speak with The Child then with Emmera Ephram
End of Act 5

Guildhall - Monster Level 29:

Take 2 Ancient War Bands from Shadow Husks in Guildhall
1 Stat Point

St. Paul's Approach - Monster Level 29:

Kill The Eliminator in St. Paul's Approach
1 Stat Point

St. Paul's Station Area - Act 6:

Cheapside - Monster Level 29:

Kill Slaughterbeast in Cheapside
Activate 2 Gold ****iens in Cheapside

Little Britain - Monster Level 30:

Kill Skulldeath in Little Britain
Kill 15 Nightshades in Little Britain
Kill Masterblaster in Little Britain
1 Stat Point

Church Yard - Monster Level 29:

Take 1 Immense Magnificometer from Night Stalker in Church Yard
Use the Nasty Bit on Lord Raktheret in Church Yard

Paternoster Row - Monster Level 29:

Kill Flay in Paternoster Row
Explore Paternoster Row
1 Stat Point
Kill 7 Dervishs in Paternoster Row
Take 8 Shinies from Zombies in Paternoster Row

St. Paul's Hellgate - Monster Level 30-32:

Vanquish the 5 Lies. Defeat Sydonai.
Final Storyline Quest

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