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Covent Garden Station is the 2nd station encountered.

Connected areas

  • Covent Garden Approach -> Holborn Station
  • Upper Kingsway Sewers -> Lower Kingsway Sewers
  • Covent Garden Steam Tunnels
  • Covent Garden Train Depot
  • Covent Garden Market (S)
  • Bloomsbury -> British Museum
  • Leicester Square -> St. Martin's -> Charing Cross Approach -> Charing Cross Station

Monster Levels:

  • Normal - 3-8
  • Nightmare --


Quest givers:

  1. Hell's Yard (S)
    Breach the Hellrift in Covent Garden Market. Recover Dr. Fawkes remains
  2. Test Monkey (S)
    Breach the Hellrift in British Museum
    Use the Fawkes Device. Survive!
    Kill Emperor Gulkar in the British Museum
  3. Wisdom & Chaos (S)
    Travel to Charing Cross Station. Speak with Arphaun
  1. Strange Brew
    Take 4 Blade Husk Claws from Blade Husks in Upper Kingsway Sewers
  2. Like Acids, Eh
    Take 8 Hearts of Rage from Shriekers in Bloomsbury
  3. No Point In Steering
    Use the Possessed Pickle Jar on 4 Sources of Evil in Charing Cross Approach
  1. Bad Doggy
    Kill Lord Nyssaylor in Covent Garden Steam Tunnels
  2. Trouble Find
    Explore Upper Kingsway Sewers
  3. In A Row
    Kill 7 Imp Snipers in St. Martin's
  1. Some Are Bigger...
    Kill Big Ben in Lower Kingsway Sewers
  2. Panic
    Kill 8 Ravagers in Covent Garden Market
  3. On The Streets
    Explore Leicester Square
  1. Hung Over
    Take 10 Blind Eyes from Fellbores in Lower Kingsway Sewers
  2. Use For The Win
    Activate 3 Proto Detectors in St. Martin's
  3. The Lender
    Travel to Charing Cross Station. Speak with Techsmith 314
  1. Mopping Up
    Kill 16 Imp Troopers in Covent Garden Train Depot
  2. Sweet Dreams
    Kill 9 Shriekers in Bloomsbury
  3. Trust Me To Trust You
    Use the Sedative on Lord Mielmight (while he's alive) in Leicester Square
  1. Wanted: Bag O' Bones
    Kill Bag O' Bones in Covent Garden Train Depot
  2. Wanted: Fangsnort
    Kill Fangsnort in Covent Garden Steam Tunnels






The Covent Garden Station, which was one of the busiest on the Underground network, had no escalators - only lifts – which greatly slowed down the flow of passengers. It also made this a highly defensible location in many ways, and an early target of the demons. Obviously, the long-term plans to redevelop the station to cope with the increased customer capacity were never realized.

The station is most known for the stand the Templar took against the demons in the early days of the conflict there. A particularly brutal assault, the same that caused a severing of the Tottenham Court line, came to its fearsome conclusion in the Covent Garden Station. The battle brought the most Templar losses to date, and it was only halted when they managed to push back the demonic hordes and then set off last-ditch explosives that caved-in the southern section of the station. Sealing off that portion of the Underground line, the blast crushed the majority of their enemies beneath tons of concrete and steel.

Although the Templar came away with a victory, it was a tainted one in that Covent Garden could never be used as a safe zone for establishing a community center. It still serves as a sketchy outpost, manned by a skeleton crew – more a listening post and waypoint than a means of transit or sanctuary. There are ways through the open tubes, but many potential routes into other parts of the city have been sealed with blast doors that are a part of the ongoing defense against the demons.

Covent Garden Station is one of the Underground Stations.