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The Templar Base is a safe place that functions as a hub to rest and trade. It is also the headquarter for many high ranked Templars. It has a direct connection with Temple Station.

Connected areas

  • Temple Station
  • Kingsway -> Stonecutter -> Bishop's Court (S) -> Old Bailey (S)
  • Bell Yard -> Fleet Street -> Ludgate Hill (S)
  • Crown Office Row
  • Temple Place -> Tudor Street -> Eastcheap -> Monument Station

Monster Levels:

  • Normal - 20-21
  • Nightmare --


Quest givers:


  1. Tripping the Rift
    Use the Hellrift Detector & Revealer in Ludgate Hill to activate & destroy young Hellrifts
  2. Secrets
    Deliver message to Altair in Bishop's Court & to Lann in Old Bailey

Brandon Lann

  1. Operate Tomorrow
    Use the Cerebral Analyzer on Lord Leraneng in Bell Yard
  2. Efficacy
    Activate 3 Sensor Arrays in Ludgate Hill
  3. Faith & Fury
    Kill 12 Darkspawn Troopers in Kingsway
  4. Come What May
    Kill The Unholy in Stonecutter

Aeron Altair

  1. Give 110
    Kill 4 Warpers in Bell Yard
  2. Omnia Omnibus
    Kill 9 Plague Zombies in Fleet Street
  3. There All Honor Lies
    Explore Stonecutter
  4. Fidelis ad Mortem
    Deliver message to Connor in Monument Station


  1. Gold-digger
    Take 6 Things from Zombies in Fleet Street
  2. Fight Night
    Kill Motley Beast in Tudor Street
  3. The Bone Hunters
    Take 15 Demon Claws from Darkspawn Troopers in Kingsway
  4. Kill 'em Rotten
    Kill Sado Eye in Old Bailey

Rob Someone

  1. Alerith's
    Kill El Temblo in Bishop's Court


  1. Triage
    Speak with Emmera. Save 10 Gravely & Severely injured Templars in Crown Office Row
  2. The Deep
    Travel to Liverpool Street Station. Speak with Jessica Sumerisle

Emmera Ephram

  1. The Sigil (S)
    While in Templar Base, activate the PDA & view the Sigil points on the world map

Warden of Stonehenge

  1. Outbound Subscriber Only

Enter the Portal to Stonehenge