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The Charing Cross Station is one of the Underground Stations that functions as a safe place to rest and trade. It is the 3rd station encountered.

Connected areas

  • Charing Cross Approach -> St. Martin's -> Leicester Square -> Covent Garden Station
  • Piccadilly Approach -> Piccadilly Circus (S) -> Vile Fissure (S)
  • Green Park Approach -> Green Park Station
  • Admiralty Arch -> Chocolate Park (S)
  • Whitehall -> Downing Street -> Millennium Battle (S)
  • Craven Street -> Embankment Approach -> Embankment Redoubt (S)
  • Mind of 314 (S)
  • Waterloo Bridge -> Savoy -> Temple Approach -> Temple Station

Monster Levels:

  • Normal - 8-17
  • Nightmare --


Quest givers:

  1. Books & Riddles (S)
    Breach the Hellrift in Piccadilly Circus. Enter A Step Into Hell. Recover The Oracle.
  2. Arms & Answers (S)
    (Part 1) - Travel to Green Park Station. Speak with Lucious Aldin
  3. Hold Fast (S)
    Fortify embattled forces in Millennium Battle
  4. Temple Trek (S)
    Travel to Temple Station. Speak with Rorke Pherral
  1. Word Search
    Explore Piccadilly Circus
  2. Volunteers
    Kill 4 Defilers in Green Park Approach
  3. AAA
    Kill Lord Croosack in Admiralty Arch]]
  4. On Commission
    Take 6 Putrid Ears from Cursed Fellbores in Whitehall
  1. Hey You
    Take 10 Tickers from Imp Troopers in Piccadilly Circus
  2. Dogs
    Take 15 Ichor from Cursed Fellbores in Admiralty Arch
  3. Us & Them
    Activate 2 Terminals in Downing Street
  4. Shine On
    Take 3 Bilious Sacs from Firesnaps in Craven Street
  5. The Narrow Way
    Travel to Temple Station. Speak with Ser Sing
  6. Echoes of the Gold
    Kill Abomination in Savoy
  7. Pudding Proof
    Take 8 Demon Tidbits from Gremlin Troopers in Temple Approach
  1. Sing Small
    Activate 3 Sire Beacons in Piccadilly Approach
  2. Put On A Clinic
    Use the Retractable Bracer on Lord Cheessis (while it's alive) in Embankment Approach
  1. Wanted: Mini Dynamo
    Kill Mini Dynamo in Green Park Approach
  2. Wanted: The Phantom
    Kill The Phantom in Embankment Approach
  1. Kill No Name
    Kill Anthropophagus in Chocolate Park
  2. Find Dobster
    Explore Piccadilly Approach
  3. Gig for Old Cap
    Travel to Temple Station. Speak with Tiberius
  4. Bill Brasky
    (Backtrack) - Kill Electrofiend in Waterloo Bridge
  5. Message Men
    Take 1 Wedding Ring from Firesnap in Savoy
  6. Clues for New Cap
    Take 1 Encrypted Message from Black Skull in Temple Approach
  1. Arms & Answers (S)
    (Part 2) - Take 8 Shreds of Heart Flesh from any Demon in Death's Sewers. Activate the Altar of Pain
    (Part 3) - Take 8 Bits O' Brains from any Demon in Death's City. Activate the Altar of Horror
    (Part 4) - Seek the Womb of Despair in Death's Tunnels. Take The Oracle
  2. That'll Get Infected (S)
    (Part 1) - Activate the Oracle while in Green Park Station. Travel to Chocolate Park
    (Part 2) - Defeat The Brain in Chocolate Park. Catch Techsmith 314, return him to Lucious Aldin
  3. The Wall (S)
    Activate the C.I.S. in Embankment Redoubt. Guide the Fist to victory.
  4. Mind Mysteries (S)
    Reach the Limit of Techsmith 314's imagination in Mind Of 314.
    Defeat The Psyche of 314