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A skilled Guardian can be an excellent party tank.

The Templar is a sturdy, well-rounded character that can take and deal damage alike. They are known to enjoy taking the occasional ritual bath...


The Templar are the followers of the ancient rites and rituals of the Knights Templar whose writings and disciplines foresaw the demonic invasion centuries ago. Since the Dark Ages their order has been prepared for this apocalypse, training in the ways of holy magic and organizing their followers for the eventual war against the forces of Hell.

Templar are the true believers, the keepers of the faith, and the destroyers of evil. They are extremely organized and regimented, their centuries of preparation giving them the best basic footing for waging war against the demons. They also control and defend the London Underground, which serves as mankind’s sanctuary.

Templar utilize the basic military model of the secular world. Their ability to achieve discipline and uniformity, however, is what sets them apart. They have a clear separation within their hierarchy when dealing with societal administration and battle, and their chain of command is clear and strictly adhered to, making them extremely effective when fighting in groups.


The Templar has the skills one would expect from a divine champion on the battlefield.

For more information, see the Templar classes:

The Classes
Templar Blademaster Guardian
Hunter Marksman Engineer
Cabalist Evoker Summoner