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The Temple Station is one of the Underground Stations that functions as a safe place to rest and trade.

Connected areas

  • Temple Approach -> Savoy -> Waterloo Bridge -> Charing Cross Station
  • Aldwych
  • Temple Access Ducts -> Forgotten Ducts
  • Waterloo -> Upper Ground -> Barge House (S)
  • New Bridge -> The Big Gundown
  • The Strand -> Blackfriars -> Puddle Dock (S) -> The Exospector (S)
  • Mansion House -> Cannon Street -> Angel Passage (S) -> Monument Station
  • Templar Base

Monster Levels:

  • Normal - 16-19
  • Nightmare --


Quest givers:

  1. The Infection (S)
    Obtain a Fresh Sample from a Fresh Boil in Aldwych
  2. Gundown (S)
    Operate a turret at The Big Gundown. Kill the infected Exospector
  3. Severed Samples (S)
    Find the downed Exospector in Puddle Dock. Use the Heart Sample Container on the Exo-Heart
  4. Scrub the Deck (S)
    Use The Cleanser weapon in Angel Passage to clean the area
  1. Enlisted Man Work
    Kill 18 Zombies in Temple Access Ducts
  2. One Big Pull
    Kill Necrofiend in Cannon Street
  1. Proving Ground
    Kill The Goblin in Forgotten Ducts
  2. The Hell Above
    Kill 20 Screechers in Upper Ground
  3. Heartfelt
    Take 1 Demon Ticker from The Hag in The Strand
  4. Transfusion
    Take 5 Demon Blood from Plague Zombies in the Exospector
  1. Magnificent Thighs
    Obtain 6 Demon Organs from Pain Leeches in Temple Access Ducts
  2. The World Gun
    Find 1 Inconspicuous Workstation in Waterloo
  3. Wonder Times 5000
    Take 8 Demon Claws from Burning Dead in New Bridge
  4. Delivery of That
    Take 1 Power Source from Zombie Summoner in Mansion House
  1. Ante Up
    Kill 10 Gremlin Troopers in Forgotten Ducts
  2. Double or Nothing
    Explore New Bridge
  3. Even-Steven
    Kill Shambling Meatbag in Blackfriars
  4. Say Bye to Bookie
    Travel to Monument Station. Speak with Jons
  1. Hooked (S)
    Find and kill the Infector in Barge House
  2. No Love Lost
    Take 6 Flesh Samples from Foul Seraphim in Upper Ground
  3. Parathyroid of Evil
    Take 2 Demon Organs from Furies in The Strand
  4. Results
    Travel to Monument Station. Speak with Nasim
  1. Errands for Feeble
    Take 6 Demon Tidbits from Plague Zombies in Waterloo
  2. Dead Pool
    Speak with the Messenger in Cannon Street. Activate the PDA
  3. Small Redemptions
    Kill Cracklepop in Angel Passage
  1. Wanted: The Sandman
    Kill The Sandman in Waterloo
  2. Wanted: Necar
    Kill Necar in Blackfriars